We are currently pitching our film, television, theatrical and book scripts to MAJOR PRODUCTION COMPANIES, TALENT AGENTS AND MANAGERS.

Love In Pieces – Feature – Action/Thriller – James Bond meets Interstellar
Light Dreams – Feature – Sci-Fi/Thriller – The Hunger Games meets Divergent
Slipping Punches – Feature – Action/Drama – Million Dollar Baby meets Grudge Match
The Emerald Sea – One Hour TV Pilot – Drama – Grey’s Anatomy meets Madam Secretary
Civil: The War – One Hour TV Pilot – Drama – Hell on Wheels meets Justified
“stars of silicon valley” – Half Hour TV Pilot – Comedy – Jon Stewart meets Newsroom
Earthly Spirits – Stage Production – Rock version of the Nutcracker

(See our Project Page for Pitches)

And our novel The Comings which can be found on Amazon

THE COMINGS, is a sci-fi fantasy novel of mysticism, evolution, science, gothic wars and love.

Reincarnation is the catalyst moving the chosen eight from the present or the First, to the magical world of the Third, then to the Fourth where humans do not yet exist, and back into the Second, a distant world in the future.


Chās Conservatory is a professional production company and performing arts studio.

We are a fully operational film, television and theatrical production company. Proficient in script writing, directing, casting, shooting, pre and post production we can take your idea from concept to completion.

Most recently Chās Productions has produced the shorts for its television series “stars of silicon valley” and Civil: The War. We have filmed and staged several independent video and theatrical productions.

Our conservatory offers acting classes for film, television and theatre; video production classes, dance classes, voice classes, photography, headshots and green screen photography as well as an exclusive class on how to get into the business and do it right.