the business

Too often those wanting to get into this crazy business think they don’t have to study or continue studying to be a success.  This is not the lotto, no one is going to swoop down and pick you out of a crowd and make you a star.  This goes for actors, directors,  producers, crew, etc., etc.  So, you were cast in an Indie production and got a small part, or even a major studio production.  You will continue to get one-liners or not be cast again at all if they see you are not ready and know your craft.  First, pick the right school!  So many college students or Academy of Art Students, etc. think they are ready to produce, direct, act, etc. with the big boys.  And unfortunately we have interned many of them.  And most have fallen dreadfully short.  Fortunately I have had the opportunity over 35-years in the profession to work on major films and television productions with the best directors, casts and crews (see bio page) and have learned the difference between those that ‘think’ they know how to run a set or act with the pros and those that actually ‘can’ direct, act and crew a production on a professional level.  So, what’s the message?  Invest in yourself and keep studying…  And, invest in the production company that you think is going some where and can help you get there too!  Laughs and giggles, Charles Ascello-producer, director, writer, actor, teacher.