Creativity has no Boundaries

Creativity has no boundaries. It just is. But it does have its own style. Everyone has their own ideas, thoughts, perceptions, experiences and love. The best part about being in the entertainment industry is you get to express an emotion, idea, or image through the eyes of many characters.  And when you are creating something it is immensely different from what someone else would create. Just like in football there is only one coach as there can only be one director and one style for their production.  If a director takes everyone’s ideas and incorporates it into the story line the audience sees a movie or television production with several different styles with no cohesiveness. The actors and the crew’s creativity comes in developing the directors’ vision. The director should give his actors plenty of leeway to do so as long as it supports the overall vision and acting style.  Sometimes young actors and crew members do not understand the knowledge and respect expected and demanded on set.  This is not something learned in school it comes from experience on a professional set learning from the pros. Directors should respect their actors as actors should respect their director or choose not to be in the production.  Your boundless creativity should be allowed and explored within the one vision and one style.  Take the directors’ vision and make it something better with your boundless creativity and become a great actor.