Getting Your Vision Across

10 Points to Get Your Vision Across to Editors

1. Know your vision in detail.  What you want the audience to feel, see, and hear. What your message is.

2. Know the order of the vision.  What images you want in the beginning, middle and end and what you want the audience to understand from each image.

3. Videos should stimulate every sense of a human being so pick ones that matter.

4. Be bold with your vision.  Just because someone else may not like it does not mean you shouldn’t show your vision the way you see it.

5.  Be clear and precise on each point. Be sure of what you want and where you want it.

6. If you are not sure of your vision. Talk it out. Make a guideline with your editors so changes do not have to constantly be made and time wasted.

7. Try new things and make it exciting.

8. You can not please everyone so please yourself.

9. Make corrections where needed.

10. If you give editors room to be creative do not get upset if they change your vision.