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The Right School, the Right Production Company

Do you really want to be an actor? Do you really want the TV/Film Production you’re in to succeed? If the answer is yes then your local community center, community theatre, grammar school, high school, college and most private acting schools will not give you the training you need. If the first thing you look at is the lowest tuition, the most popular, or the biggest class size you are in the wrong place. Learning to act is not simple. You need to invest the time and money it takes to become a professional. You should also research the person who claims to teach you on a professional level. If they have not worked on network television shows or large studio movie productions as an actor they cannot get you where you want to be. Having a college degree, working in community theatre or small independent film productions is like playing little league baseball as opposed to being in the big leagues. It simply is not the same thing. The difference between the local community theatre star or someone who has worked in several local independent movies is huge compared to being Meryl Streep or Tom Cruise. As far as independent production companies the same applies. Has the producer, director, assistant director worked on major network and studio productions allowing them to see and participate in the workings of large casts and crews and how they are orchestrated by major directors. Also, where are they taking the production? To your local youtube channel or to their own film festival where the audience are the same people who produced the films for their own self-gratification. Or, are they submitting to be sold to major networks and film production companies so that all concerned can actually have a career and be part of a working production company. If these are your goals as an actor or crew member call us and become a student or member of Chās Productions and Performing Arts Conservatory. Charles Ascello Director and Seraphine Saxon Assistant Director

Getting Your Vision Across

10 Points to Get Your Vision Across to Editors

1. Know your vision in detail.  What you want the audience to feel, see, and hear. What your message is.

2. Know the order of the vision.  What images you want in the beginning, middle and end and what you want the audience to understand from each image.

3. Videos should stimulate every sense of a human being so pick ones that matter.

4. Be bold with your vision.  Just because someone else may not like it does not mean you shouldn’t show your vision the way you see it.

5.  Be clear and precise on each point. Be sure of what you want and where you want it.

6. If you are not sure of your vision. Talk it out. Make a guideline with your editors so changes do not have to constantly be made and time wasted.

7. Try new things and make it exciting.

8. You can not please everyone so please yourself.

9. Make corrections where needed.

10. If you give editors room to be creative do not get upset if they change your vision.

Creativity has no Boundaries

Creativity has no boundaries. It just is. But it does have its own style. Everyone has their own ideas, thoughts, perceptions, experiences and love. The best part about being in the entertainment industry is you get to express an emotion, idea, or image through the eyes of many characters.  And when you are creating something it is immensely different from what someone else would create. Just like in football there is only one coach as there can only be one director and one style for their production.  If a director takes everyone’s ideas and incorporates it into the story line the audience sees a movie or television production with several different styles with no cohesiveness. The actors and the crew’s creativity comes in developing the directors’ vision. The director should give his actors plenty of leeway to do so as long as it supports the overall vision and acting style.  Sometimes young actors and crew members do not understand the knowledge and respect expected and demanded on set.  This is not something learned in school it comes from experience on a professional set learning from the pros. Directors should respect their actors as actors should respect their director or choose not to be in the production.  Your boundless creativity should be allowed and explored within the one vision and one style.  Take the directors’ vision and make it something better with your boundless creativity and become a great actor.

the business

Too often those wanting to get into this crazy business think they don’t have to study or continue studying to be a success.  This is not the lotto, no one is going to swoop down and pick you out of a crowd and make you a star.  This goes for actors, directors,  producers, crew, etc., etc.  So, you were cast in an Indie production and got a small part, or even a major studio production.  You will continue to get one-liners or not be cast again at all if they see you are not ready and know your craft.  First, pick the right school!  So many college students or Academy of Art Students, etc. think they are ready to produce, direct, act, etc. with the big boys.  And unfortunately we have interned many of them.  And most have fallen dreadfully short.  Fortunately I have had the opportunity over 35-years in the profession to work on major films and television productions with the best directors, casts and crews (see bio page) and have learned the difference between those that ‘think’ they know how to run a set or act with the pros and those that actually ‘can’ direct, act and crew a production on a professional level.  So, what’s the message?  Invest in yourself and keep studying…  And, invest in the production company that you think is going some where and can help you get there too!  Laughs and giggles, Charles Ascello-producer, director, writer, actor, teacher.

Civil War Trailer

Hello All,

We have the Civil War trailer on our website and youtube. Please check them out and let us know what you think.

We have also finished our logo and mission statement. They are on the website as well. Check it out and tell all your friends about our classes and auditions.

p.s. don’t forget to practice your acting skills everyday.

See you soon,

Charles and Seraphine