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The Right School, the Right Production Company

Do you really want to be an actor? Do you really want the TV/Film Production you’re in to succeed? If the answer is yes then your local community center, community theatre, grammar school, high school, college and most private acting schools will not give you the training you need. If the first thing you look at is the lowest tuition, the most popular, or the biggest class size you are in the wrong place. Learning to act is not simple. You need to invest the time and money it takes to become a professional. You should also research the person who claims to teach you on a professional level. If they have not worked on network television shows or large studio movie productions as an actor they cannot get you where you want to be. Having a college degree, working in community theatre or small independent film productions is like playing little league baseball as opposed to being in the big leagues. It simply is not the same thing. The difference between the local community theatre star or someone who has worked in several local independent movies is huge compared to being Meryl Streep or Tom Cruise. As far as independent production companies the same applies. Has the producer, director, assistant director worked on major network and studio productions allowing them to see and participate in the workings of large casts and crews and how they are orchestrated by major directors. Also, where are they taking the production? To your local youtube channel or to their own film festival where the audience are the same people who produced the films for their own self-gratification. Or, are they submitting to be sold to major networks and film production companies so that all concerned can actually have a career and be part of a working production company. If these are your goals as an actor or crew member call us and become a student or member of Chās Productions and Performing Arts Conservatory. Charles Ascello Director and Seraphine Saxon Assistant Director