Cortney Sumpter Biography

Cortney Sumpter, stage name Seraphine Saxon,  is Owner, Production Manager and Assistant Director at Chās Productions and Performing Arts Conservatory.  Also one of our lead actresses she has starring roles in our current productions, “stars of silicon valley” and Civil: The War.  A professional actress, Cortney has trained with Charles Ascello for the last two years. Upon completion of the “stars of silicon valley” and Civil: The War pilots she eagerly jumped into shooting the first episodes of both television series.  Cortney is also a screen writer currently pitching her two feature length films Slipping Punches, and Love in Pieces co-written with Charles Ascello.  They are also pitching their scripts Light Dreams, Civil: The War, “stars of silicon valley”, a stage production with song and dance Earthly Spirits and a novel The Comings.

Listed with one of the top agents in San Francisco, Cortney has proved to be extremely talented both in front of and behind the camera, and is a vital part of the success of both our television series.  As with all great actors, Cortney is passionate about what she does and works with a warmth and directness that touches and teaches everyone around her.