Feature Film


Light Dreams – Sci Fi Thriller

In the brutal world of 2165 a scientist is driven underground and forced to join a post-human society bent on destroying the United States.

The story is about a scientist, Jonathan, who finds his father murdered, and must continue their dangerous work alone.   On the run from our government, now a fascist regime, he is the only thing stopping them from eliminating the middle class.  Jonathan’s best friend reveals he was assigned to him by, Carlos, the leader of a post human society and is lead underground to become part of their revolution.  He merges his genius with Carlos’ metaphysical powers and together they create something unthinkable.  Jonathan’s world almost comes to an end when he discovers the love of his life is giving the regime his secrets nearly killing him.  With time running out Jonathan must execute his experiment and defeat his enemies or millions will die.    

Slipping Punches – Drama

A female boxer fights a family curse to become a legend.

The story is about a young woman, Bounty, who after the loss of her parents must live with her uncle, Stanley, a former titleholder now alcoholic.  For years Bounty has struggled to keep Stanley’s gym alive along with her dream of boxing but believes she is plagued by a family curse.  When offered a title shot by Jab Corporation Bounty accepts ignoring her family’s fate.  She is betrayed when her uncle refuses to train her and stumbles forward with the help of fumbling but well-intentioned friends.  In her first two bouts she is destroyed but refuses to quit.  Her dream is almost lost when she learns her next fight is against a male opponent.  Now, with her future on the line, she must enlist her uncle’s help and beat her family curse or stand to lose everything.      

Love in Pieces – Action Thriller

A special agent searches through time portals for pieces of her dismembered lover and begins a journey of self-discovery.

The story is about special agent, Ivy Hansen, whose lover, Leo, is dismembered by a cartel member but left alive.  She is saved from the same fate by, Reigh, a visitor from another universe.  With Reigh’s help Ivy completes her zero point energy experiment opening portals to other worlds.  She must find the exact moment when Leo dies in these dimensions in order to retrieve his body parts.  Successfully returning from the first dimension Ivy finds Leo close to death and panics.  She blames Reigh but must forgive him to save Leo’s life.  Learning what she has become in other lifetimes and not wanting to leave Leo’s side Ivy refuses to continue on.  Reigh convinces her to travel to the last dimension where Leo is gay and she is in love with another man.  Now distraught and with Leo’s heart in hand Ivy misses the final portal, stranding her.  Ivy must find a way back to her own dimension and save the man she loves or lose herself forever.