Cortney Sumpter Acting Resume

 Stage Name – Seraphine Saxon

Light Dreams Kendra (starring) Director: Charles Ascello
La Frontera Police Officer (principal) Director: Natalie Teter
Walk the Plank Tammie (principal) Director: Veronica Haworth
Zombie Clowns Conquer the World Kell (principal) Director: Michael Mann
Farm Rough Rachel (starring) Director: Stanley Crivelli
Curve Balls Jennifer (starring) Director: Max Porter
“stars of silicon valley” Meredith (principal) Director: Charles Ascello
Civil: The War Sallie Mae/Ava (starring) Director: Charles Ascello
A Street Car Name Desire Blanche (starring) Chās Conservatory
Waiting for Lefty Edna (starring) Bay Area Acting Studio
The Valiant The Girl (starring) Bay Area Acting Studio
List available upon request
Chās Conservatory  Charles Ascello
Fim Acting Bay Area Brian Scott and Hester Schell
Bay Area Acting Studio Christy English
First Take Nancy Berwid

Special Skills:
Farmer, Acupuncturist, Massage Therapist, Martial Arts (brown belt), Softball (3rd base, outfield), Volleyball (setter), Operating Tractors (John Deere 9400, 7230, 7140, and Backhoe), Welding, and Dog Walker, Masters in Science and a Bachelors in Physical Education and Athletic Training.