Originating from Chās Performing Arts Conservatory’s 20 successful years Chās Productions is a start-up production company. Built on Charles Ascellos’ 35 years of professional experience in film, television and theatre Chās Productions has already developed a cast and crew of 40 professionals. We have already shot the television pilot “stars of silicon valley” and are in post-production with our first episode. Shot with only a Canon XA10 camera and a minimum amount of other production equipment we have produced a viable television pilot and first episode. However, to continue to produce an entire 13 episodes to be sold to major networks we need your contributions. Not only to fulfill our wish list but to build a working production company in San Carlos, Fresno and Clovis continually offering people on all levels positions in the industry.

Please see our wish list and financial needs below



Studio Costs: $18,000.00 yearly Studio Costs: $3,600.00Donated to Date
Shoot Days: $200.00-$2,000.00 Lights—Donated
Location Fees: up to $1,000.00 a day Canon XA 10 or 20 Camera with Mic—Donated
Studio Space—800sf to 8,000sf Charger/Batteries for Camera–Donated
Gels for Lights 25 Foot Cord for Boom Mic–Donated
Two Wind Guards for Mics
Two Professional Tripods for Cameras
Two Carrying Cases for Cameras
Two Sun Reflectors
Two SD Cards (32 MB) and Thumbdrives
External Hard Drives compatible with Mac and PC
Boom Mic
Portable costume/clothes rack
Additions for Final Cut Pro X Editing Suite: Graphics, Animation, Compressor, Motion, Noise, Color Correction, Visual Effect, etc…

Angel Investors should not be limited by current expenses as major studios can spend hundreds of thousands of dollars per episode with millions of dollars of operating costs.