The Comings

A Sci-Fi Fantasy Novel of Mysticism, Evolution, Science, Gothic Wars and Love

Four worlds live simultaneously in the Continuum where Tela, an incarnation of god, has spent lifetimes reclaiming her full power.  As she reaches her potential a terrible truth is uncovered.  She must abandon her children at birth causing a cycle of pain and loneliness that could destroy eternity.  

Tela is forced to battle her younger son Beckguire who vows revenge by stealing The Book of Life.  She is ravished as he rips it from her soul knowing that changing one word could alter the Continuum.  Tela slowly recovers her strength to prepare Rotholien’s fearless army against Beckguire’s eternal hate.  Their forces collide and she watches as her stronghold is crushed.  The last battalion of Rotholien’s bravest warriors prepare for a final stand.  

But before the battle can complete itself, Tela moves on the Continuum to an earlier life, the moment when she has given birth to Beckguire.  Will she allow him to live and hope he will find her love.  Or kill him to save life itself.