Civil: The War

A paranormal bounty hunter’s obsession leads him to stalk outcast members of a mysterious town.

The story is about an innocent boy, James, who after watching his father murder his mother turns to black magic and becomes a bounty hunter named Stake.  His sinister reputation follows him as he roams from town to town cleansing the world of runaway slaves.  A former boss hires Stake to hunt down two dangerous women, Harriet and Genevieve.  Following their deadly trail Stake encounters witchcraft stalling his advances and nearly killing him.  He is lead to Paris Landing where the women are hidden by the town’s mysterious power.  Taking a room at the brothel Stake is haunted by his dead mother inducing a psychotic episode.  Possessed by demons he levitates and must exorcise Stake to become James once again or continue on a path he despises.