The Emerald Sea

A charitable hospital ship is inherited by a wealthy surgeon who rejects it out of hatred towards his father but returns to save his own family.

The story is about a college student, Jayce Brayden, who after witnessing his girlfriend’s death quits football, marries his ex and vows never to return to his family’s ship.  Years later as a surgeon he is accused of placing a former teammate’s son on top of his hospital’s donor list.  Forced to take a leave of absence Jayce is hit with news his father died and his mother is on her death bed.  He must return to the ship he vowed never to set foot on again.  Sitting on the tarmac Jayce learns the ship is anchored in Nigeria the place of political turmoil where his life changed forever.  Jayce must clear his name, save his mother and come to terms with his past or lose everything.