Earthly Spirits

 A Stage Production with Song and Dance

A young lady overcomes her fear and battles demons to become a dancer.

The story is about, Alexandra, a young girl who wants to dance but is haunted by the Spoilers, earthly spirits who have given up their own dreams.  In her sleep she battles these spirits in a nightmarish world refusing to give up her soul.  At the family’s Christmas party the neighbors reveal to Alexandra they’re the Spoilers in her dreams and will stop at nothing to keep her from dancing.  To make matters worse Alexandra discovers her brother, Tommy, is leading the Spoilers.  He rips the beautiful Christmas dress she’s wearing and breaks her glass dance slipper.   Alexandra runs to Jane, her nanny, for help and is told she must defeat the Spoilers on her own.  Hope returns when Grandad gives her, The Prince, a life-size doll, who can teach every step ever danced.   Alexandra comes alive as she and The Prince dance in the midst of the Spoilers’ despair.  Taking matters into his own hands Tommy breaks The Prince’s legs with a baseball bat.  Following his lead the Spoilers challenge Alexandra to a dance of death.  She must find the strength to defeat the Spoilers and gain her freedom or surrender and lose her soul.